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Communications & IT Integration

To get the best value and functionality out of investment in the communications and IT systems within the truck and camper, we really need to be able to 'join it all up' (or at least as many of the pieces as practicably possible).

I have been trying to find a 'missing piece' to integrate communications and IT systems and think I'm missing a ruggedised wifi router to bring all the systems together. This would allow better technical support ('dial in' health checks and fault diagnosis or similar). I stumbled upon a company called Inhand Networks ( headquartered in Fairfax VA, USA and sent them a 'Contact' note via there website. The response was impressive; a very prompt follow up call from their UK Business Development Manager and a referral with a response within 24 hours from an Account Manager at a UK based company called Adaptive Modules (, a Reseller I think.

I gave the Adaptive Modules Account Manager ('Immon)' an outline of the project and explained my need to find a solution to integrate as many as possible of the technical systems on the truck and camper, for example including:

  • Satellite communications and messaging. (Data internet access)

  • Mobile phone networks (where available). Local and / or international Sim Cards

  • Radio (VHF/UHF/HF)

  • Local wifi (where available)

  • Navigation system (tracking etc)

  • Camper domestic systems (Power, heating, fresh, grey and black water levels, fridge / freezer, security cameras, alarms etc)

  • Vehicle Canbus giving access to vehicle systems and remote fault diagnosis

Immon identified a provisional solution but it doesn't (or may not) allow integration of the satellite communications. He is going to discuss this with Iridium and revert with a solution.

This is excellent service and support for the potential sale of a single unit. Clearly I don't have a solution yet but so far, I cannot recommend them highly enough and will let you know how I get on. I'm sure other Overlanders and maybe the offshore yachting community will have a similar requirement and it would be great to reward their efforts with additional sales in due course.

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