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When you get back


  • If you become ill with a fever or a flu-like illness within a year after departure from countries affected by malaria, you should promptly seek medical care and inform your physician of your travel history and the kind of anti-malarial drugs used.

Note to self

Open / read 2 months after return .........

"You are finding coming back home as much a culture shock as moving into a camper trailer nearly a year ago. Travel to new places always changes your view of the world and the “New You” may be having a hard time fitting back into the (...not so....) little shell you left behind. 


You are seeing your old life as an outsider, much like you saw new lands as a stranger abroad. Maybe you are criticising rules and regulations in the UK, you feel like an alien among your old group of friends, or you can’t believe how narrow-minded people are. Reintegrating after an extended period travelling abroad is not simple, but it is just another stage of the travel saga. Remember the greatest journey is within yourself; “home” is a place in your mind, not a place on a map. 

The  Overland Trip was actually the easy part. Take what you learned developing new skills, participating in new cultures, meeting new people, seeing foreign horizons, and generally having your world turned upside down and use it to become a more complete person and to change the world around you in a positive manner. Not everyone has the advantage of experiencing different cultures; maintain your open mindset, curiosity and sense of wonder gained abroad and use that awareness to become a global ambassador on a daily basis. It’s good for everyone: for others, to learn new things, and for yourself, to practice patience and gain a higher understanding of the world at large. Set and focus on new professional and personal goals developed abroad, maintain new habits to make re-entry as smooth as possible. 

Life is too short and really is for living, not just plodding along. Instead of falling into the bog of boredom, keep your positive travel energy up by surrounding yourself with family and the good things of life when coming home especially positive people. Keep in touch with all of those new people you have met abroad but not at the expense of old friends. Get yourself out of the house even if you feel as if you want to crawl under the duvet. Plenty of fresh air, natural sunlight, good friends and a walk on the beach with the dogs can help cure a multitude of ills!


…………. and if that doesn’t work,  get out the map and start packing for the next Overland Trip (Tip Toe Americas?) or go sailing before your joints seize up!! 

Travel safely......."

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