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About Tip Toe

Looking at a map can be very dangerous; it stirs the imagination and unleashes a thirst for travel. A discussion about a motoring trip around Scotland followed possibly by a trip around Europe has perhaps just run a wee bit of control! It has ‘morphed’ into an overland journey from the “Tip” of North Cape (the closest point in Norway to the North Pole) and the “Toe” at Cape d”Agulhas (the southern most point on the African continent).  


You will probably think me ‘bonkers’; I start the planning waiting for a second new hip. More importantly, not really knowing whether I can persuade my very forgiving and loving wife to spend the best part of a year of her retirement crawling in and out of a tent within the freezing Arctic Circle at the North Cape and then being boiled a few weeks later in the African desert sun……. On reflection perhaps this may not be the best way to present the proposition to her!  


I am sharing the expedition planning process here so that others can use it to accelerate their travel safety and security planning. Feedback from those that have trodden this path before, or know the areas well, would be much appreciated so that we benefit from your knowledge and experience. I want to make the very best of the trip. The final route will be chosen nearer the time hopefully influenced by your advice about the best tracks to drive, things to see, do and places to stay.

............... Travel safely!

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