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Members Area. The full spectrum of planning for remote area overland travel can be found within the Members Area. You will get an idea of the content from the subject area headers shown in the drop down menu under 'Planning'. It is a risk based holistic travel safety and security approach. Please follow the very short registration process to gain access to the material in the Members Area (by clicking the icon top right on this webpage). You will not be deluged with unwanted email. 


Scope. This planning has its roots in Country Evacuation Planning for international Resources Companies. It is therefore assumes the movement and management of one or more groups of vehicles travelling together in a 'Convoy'. Conduct should reflect the numbers involved and the environment you are travelling through. Adopt what's appropriate for you. For now, information provided in the Members Area is focussed on those countries that overland / off road travellers may pass through if travelling between Norway’s North Cape and Cape d’Agulhas in South Africa, via East Africa. Due to the current situation in Syria, the requirement for sea freight to Egypt from Greece (or other Southern European Port) has been assumed.


Aim. The aim is to develop the website to make it a useful point of reference to overland travellers and those taking Four Wheel Drive (4WD), touring and / or camping holidays initially in any of the country’s along the Cape to Cape route.  Other routes may be added in due course.   

Request for information. Whilst the material may look ‘finished’, Member’s should note that this is an active website and should be viewed as ‘work in progress’. As new and better information becomes available it will be shared on the website as quickly as possible. If you read information that is not consistent with your experience, or maybe you know a good place to get drinkable water, fuel or somewhere to visit, do please tell us.

Risk. Africa is a very dynamic continent. Road conditions, weather, government requirements and procedures can change at short notice or even without notice. Finding even the most basic items can be challenging (water, fuel, gas, food) and (for example) even when you arrive at a supplier's location in Africa, there may be a wait of several days for a fuel truck delivery. You need to be flexible and prepared to ‘go with the flow’. After all, its the journey that's important not reaching the end point. Maintenance workshops, tyre repair, spares for vehicles, camping equipment can all be very difficult to find. Feedback from those that know the road is welcomed so that it can included as appropriate and others can benefit from your experience. 


Mutual support. Similar to assistance provided to vessels in distress at sea, Tip Toe promotes mutual support and social interaction between Members. I am sure that those on the road would offer assistance to people in bogged or broken down vehicles. Maybe you would like to share a ‘beer and bite’ round a campfire together or travel together (Convoy) in the trickier spots too?

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