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Work in progress

This is all 'work in progress' and subject to change as new and better information becomes available. Multiple sources of information have and are being used to gather information that will be relevant to Tip Toe. It takes into consideration the planned route, how we are travelling and equipment etc we will be carrying etc. Its accuracy cannot be assured so I encourage you to make your own enquiries but I hope you find it a useful place to start. The information provided is for British Passport holders and may change after Brexit. There is link to the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (UK FCO) Travel website on each page - just click on the Country name.

Campsites, Places to see


Inclusion of campsites, places to see and things to do are not endorsement of their quality; Trip Advisor and other websites should give indictions of feedback from others. Where its lawful or allowed, please do share details of any good wild camping sites (please make it clear if you do not want them to be published on the website). 

Your knowledge & experience

Please contribute your experience so that accuracy and content it can be improved. As a 'technical neanderthal' you will have to forgive any spelling errors, inconsistencies in layout and format. Hopefully things will only improve! 

The Route 

The route shown reflects a general direction of travel. It will be amended over time as further and better information becomes available and we decide where to go in each country. Please share any good 'off road' tracks that you think we should enjoy. We prefer being away from the 'Black Top' unless we need to cover long distances quickly. 

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