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The information in this website is shared in good faith; it is 'work in progress' and is subject to frequent changes. The accuracy of information cannot be guaranteed but is believed to be correct at the time of publishing. As information becomes available it is included and verified where able.


The information is shared to demystify overland travel through Africa and encourage others to set out. The Planning information used is shared by way of example; Tip Toe assumes no responsibility for damage or loss and the user shall hold Tip Toe harmless. By sharing information with Tip Toe, and unless otherwise specifically advised, you agree to its inclusion on the website. 

Information provided within Country profiles (under the continental headers 'Europe' and 'Africa') is focussed upon relevance to Tip Toe and overland travel, it is not fully inclusive. Users / planners are encouraged to seek travel advice from all sources available to them including their national governments in the normal manner. A link to the UK FCO Travel Advice for each country is provided on each page; simply click on the Country Name at the top of the page. Remember that ultimately the decision to travel to a country rests with you and you are responsible for your own safety and security. . 

Inclusion of the names of companies, organisations or equipment is not endorsement of their quality nor whether they are fit for purpose. 

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