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Events and fund raising

Tip Toe’s events, planned activities and charity fund raising activities can be found on the sub pages here but a summary is shown below. 

The first fund raising event is ‘Tip Toe along the South Downs Way’. 100 miles on a mountain bike along the ridge of the UK’s South Downs; the route includes approximately 12,000 feet of altitude gain along its length. 



  1. To raise money for the conservation of African wildlife, associated ecosystems and development of resilient communities within and adjacent to Chizarira National Park in Zimbabwe. 

  2. My personal goal is to get fitter, lose some weight and ‘road test’ my two new hips! 



Date TBC but before Easter 2021.


How can I donate?

A Just Giving Page will be opened nearer the time. A link will be provided here.  For further details see here.

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