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Bering Trawler Explorer Yachts

The sea has been a huge part of my life. Sailing on it, diving under it and I’m lucky enough to live beside it. I walk my dogs on the beach alongside it every day. Yachting and specifically cruising and exploration of new places by land or sea has long been and remains a real passion. ‘Rags’ (sailing) has really been my thing, but for me and perhaps unlike many sailors, motor yachts (known perhaps not so affectionately as ‘stinkboats’) are good too, in fact anything that floats and is seaworthy peaks my interest.

Selection of the right vessel for the planned trip (or trips), easily manageable by the intended crew sets the foundations of success and is especially important for an Owner / Operator. In addition to considerations such as adequate endurance, characteristics such as seaworthiness, safety, performance, comfort, easy handling and manoeuvrability gets increasingly important with advancing age. The right vessel, ergonomics, resilient systems and ease of access for maintenance make the difference between a stressful passage and arriving rested in good shape ready to enjoy the destination.

Whilst recently browsing the internet and musing about another maritime adventure, I came across an advert and a number of You Tube videos of a Bering 65 for sale. I was initially attracted by the small compact well laid out Trawler / Expedition style vessel and realised that if we sold the house, the children and with only a modest lottery win we just might be able to afford it! It was therefore with growing interest that I started exploring the Bering Company, its history, design and build ethos in more detail. I am so very impressed with what I have learned so far, it’s driven me to put pen to paper.

The Founder and CEO (Alexei Mikhailov) has a background in fishing offshore Russia in areas where some of the most challenging weather and sea states on the planet are found. This knowledge and experience has clearly been incorporated into the design, robust quality construction, layout and ergonomics of the Bering range. The more I dig the better it gets; the quality and attention to detail is quite mind blowing. I don’t just mean the world class polished shiny finishes, its what’s sitting beneath that’s so important. If you’re looking for an ocean crossing, global exploring ‘liveaboard’ or even a larger superyacht to park your helicopter on, then you should take a look at the range of Bering Yachts.

In the mean time Alexei (if I may), I salute you for producing such well designed vessels.

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