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Happy Christmas!

Tip Toe is really beginning to take shape. The provisional route planning is complete and as you might expect, a number of associated issues have been identified. Draft plans including the initial risk assessment and emergency response are also complete. Of course these will all need to be refined as the actual route, choice of vehicle, supporting logistics and detailed travel itinerary are firmed up. So far I’m pleased to say there are no safety / security ‘show stoppers’. For those interested, this is all available on the website at

The project still remains mostly ‘below the parapet’ but I’ve got somebody ready to help with things like SEO ranking for the website. Social media is still a bit of mystery to me; I’ve had to spend my career mostly avoiding it and now find that I either need to master it or find somebody that has and will help.

I’m delighted to say that those that I have had to talk to and discuss some of the long lead time items and to define a provisional budget have all been very supportive. The choice of vehicle and associated accommodation will need to be made latest by Q3/20. Following Elon Musk’s launching of Tesla's CyberTruck, I sent a ‘cheeky’ letter to Tesla ( suggesting that we use a couple of their CyberTrucks, Quad’s and Trailers. We could be the first to do an all electric (green) ‘Cape to Cape’. I don’t know if Tesla’s CyberTruck timeline will fit but I am willing to be flexible with the departure date if they take us up on the ‘invitation’! With a 500 mile range a travel itinerary could easily be designed to succeed. What better way to validate the Tesla product putting to bed any misconception that electric vehicles are only good for short runs around or between cities in the western world?! It’s a long way in a Tuk-Tuk and we have discounted this option :) !

Early in the New Year, I should be able to present purpose to this overland adventure and three key themes that we will promote as we travel about 20k miles through over 25 countries during 6 months on the road. Whilst the departure date is still about 16 months away, time will disappear so quickly and there is still a lot to do.

In the mean time, a huge thanks to everybody involved behind the scenes for your support so far. May I wish you all a very happy Xmas, health and happiness in 2020.

Very best wishes

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