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Old Farts in Camping Parks

Glamping on the road

An amusing song by Australian John Williamson describes the behaviours of silver gappers and retirees travelling overland around Australia. ‘Old Farts In Caravan Parks’ is the inspiration for the title of this thread. It’s a scary thing when age creeps up on you and suddenly dawns the realisation that you are on the cusp of falling into the ‘Old Fart’ category. My children (long fled the nest) would probably tell you I'm already there. There is a saying 'you are as young as the woman you feel', the bad news is that she is slightly older than me!! As age advances and the urine flow rate decreases, so increases the challenges of managing drips, leaks, squeaks and creaks. Perhaps this is why so many opt for fluffy slippers and a comfy seat by the fireside. My wanderlust and desire to see new things, meet new people and experience different cultures remains as strong as ever.

My better half has never been into camping; too many bugs and beasties (she says). But when we lived in Australia and our children were young, she was the one who wrestled with the Funnel Web and Red Back Spiders in the swimming pool, under the toilet seat (the subject of another song) and the very large blue tongue lizard that lived under our house. She has happily stayed in sheds, caravans and park homes around the world (these have walls and a roof). She even enjoys coastal and ocean sailing where during gales you can awake suspended, floating in mid air above your bunk until crashing into the trough of the next wave and then beginning the climb to the next peak. This roller coaster action can continue for days. But not canvas.

Up until recently, the thought of planning a trip under canvas was unthinkable. The seed was sown really by accident during a visit to a large camping store to get some gas parts for our BBQ. A large family tent display drew curiosity and during the walk around, my wife uttered the remark – "I think even I could stay in one of these"! There were witnesses, I immediately seized the nettle.

The challenge is to ensure it is enjoyable, has a happy ending and not divorce after 37 years. If you have wanderlust, are trying (or want to try) to convince your partner to take the road less travelled, sleeping behind ‘rags’ in all weathers at an altitude of approximately 15cm, then the journey begins .........

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