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The Bruder EXP-6 Expedition Trailer

The Bruder EXP-6 Expedition Trailer (EXP-6) appears to be the ‘Rolls Royce’ of Off-Road Campers. The strap line says ‘Premium Comfort and Capability - enjoy style, comfort and safety without sacrificing off-road capability'. There are two models available. The standard EXP-6 raises the roof up & down using the patented Bruder roof lift. The flagship EXP-6 GT has a taller fixed roofline.

The EXP-6 is certainly a quality Off-Road Camper purpose built for life off-road. It offers great storage throughout. Its streamlined design takes into account weight, balance and the streamlined design produces less drag when towed reducing the fuel consumption of the towing vehicle. It has a high ground clearance and at less than 2m wide, the EXP-6 can still fit down narrow tracks and trails. The wheel base can be adjusted to follow in the towing vehicles tracks to reduce strain on the towing vehicle, the risk of becoming ‘bogged’ and four wheels should provide better flotation in soft sand and mud.

The EXP-6 body and chassis are separated with dual compression isolation mounts, just like the most trusted 4×4 vehicles; this is unique to the Bruder EXP-6 and significantly reduces the transfer of off-road vibrations and minimises damage to the contents when towing.

Closed cell epoxy bonded composite is used throughout which is up to 50% lighter than campers of the same size built using conventional construction but nevertheless less, of the campers being considered, this is still pretty heavy at an ATM of 3100kgs. The composite walls do provide better protection from wildlife should it be required than the canvas walls of a trailer tent. The EXP-6 is well insulated; there are no cold or heat ‘transits’ between the outside and the inside of the Camper giving it an insulation R value of 5.1.

The strength of the air tight chassis, suspension and composite body of the EXP-6 should provide good performance in even the most challenging conditions. A positive pressure system inside the trailer ensures its kept watertight and dust free on the road. A recovery winch and two recovery points are mounted at the rear should they be required. At the campsite, the suspension system can quickly lower and level the trailer for easy setup and a comfortable stay. No need for a jack either as with four wheels, the suspension can be adjusted to 'lift a leg' should a tyre need to changed.

Outside, electronic awnings can be fitted to both sides and the rear EXP-6 hatch provides instant shelter at the entryway. Access in or out is easy and the rear entrance is illuminated by courtesy lights at night. Storage lockers, an optional clothes washer and even an external hot and cold shower are available at the entrance to allow you to wash off before entering. A rear privacy tent is offered to cover the entrance if required.

Inside, the cabin management system allows you to monitor and control all aspects of the EXP-6, either via the digital internal touch screen or remotely from outside via your smartphone.

Living Area / Office.

The living area is light and bright with opening windows down both sides fitted with blinds to provide shade on hot days or at night and bug screens to keep mosquito's and midges out. A window in the ceiling above the bed allows 'star gazing at night. I've been spoiled by the large U shaped seating offered in the Opus Op4 Extreme Off-Road Trailer. The EXP-6 has a leather bench seat down one side towards the back of the trailer with a table that can be adjusted to meet most needs. Here I do have a small criticism, the bench seating is not really conducive to two people stretching out with a book together on those stormy days when you are hunkered down or having a rest day. The queen sized bed could be used of course. However, with the entry door at the rear, its hard to see how they this could be easily addressed. There is always a compromise to be made.

A flat screen HD TV, climate control, interior fans, heating and an ingenious table that can swivel to suit your needs are all included. The EXP-6 also offers a broadband signal extender as an option which is a really good accessory and would be required which ever trailer option is chosen.


The interior design suits couples and families alike with sleeping for up to 6 available. There is a large bed at the front of the Camper with an air-conditioning unit overhead to control temperature. Safety nets are provided and bunk beds for young children.

Galley (Kitchen)

The slide out composite galley is excellent. There is loads of storage "everything has its place and there is a place for everything". Being ' 2 way' the galley can be accessed from either outside or inside but suggest you should remember to include the optional internal kitchen bug screen. Bruder have recognised the gas logistics issue described in earlier articles; the stove can be induction, diesel or gas – there is also generous space to accommodate larger portable gas BBQs and multi function tables. The ability to store fresh (and frozen?) food is provided by two fridges (outside and inside). A microwave is available too if required.

Unique to Bruder, the kitchen is two-way allowing access from inside or outside. This would be very useful in cold weather or strong winds but a fully enclosed Annex with draft skirts is also offered. Access to all areas is easy as the suspension can raise or lower to make the kitchen the ideal height for you.

Water. The EXP-6 carries 170L of fresh water giving an approximate endurance for two people of about 6.5 days with normal careful use, plus any additional water you might carry in 'cans'. The water tanks on the EXP-6 are located within the body cell, rather than underneath where it could be exposed to desert heat or arctic cold; no freezing tanks! A further 45L water storage tank and a 40L greywater tank are offered as options if required.

Gas. The situation regarding gas capacity is a little unclear but it is understood there is storage for 2 x 4.5kg gas cylinders in the nose box. Perhaps more storage could be added but despite the overall spec this suggests the Camper is designed for fairly short trips or holidays between refill points. However if the induction or diesel hobs are fitted then gas will just be supplying the internal heating, hot water and the BBQ so this would considerably extend endurance.

Shower / Toilet. The interior bathroom is easily accessible and has a toilet, fold down basin, shower, and ample storage for personal items.

Power. In normal circumstances, you would be hard pressed to run out of power in the EXP-6. Up to 400Ah of lithium battery storage is available. Power and charging points are scattered throughout the Camper. A back-up generator is also available. The camper can be charged from the vehicle when underway, connected to shore power if available, and draw charge from roof mounted solar, solar mats or a generator.

Heating. A diesel heater is included. It is accessed via a hatch on the right hand side of the camper.


Storage is abundant throughout the entire interior, allowing you to segregate items how you choose and avoid clutter. Your personal items are always within reach and charging outlets are located conveniently around the master bed, along with dedicated book storage.

Outside there are a number of lockers, the largest of which is the 'Nose Box' that provides a huge storage area for bulky items.

Despite being a large trailer, the EXP-6 is designed to allow full lock turns that many small trailers can’t match. Bruder's unique suspension system can be used to counteract steep side slopes and even lean away from overhanging tree branches, making the EXP-6 a true master of fitting into tight spots.

Shipping. At an overall length of 6723mm (approximately 22 feet) the EXP-6 would need to be shipped in a 40 foot ISO container. If travelling with say a new Land Rover Defender (overall length 4758mm) then (at a total of 38ft) they should both fit together into one 40ft container.

There is no doubt that the Bruder EXP-6 Expedition Trailer is a significant step above the Camper Trailers previously reviewed but (and now take a seat) .......... so is the base price which is an eye-watering AUD $175,000 (approx GBP £97,275) before options and accessories for the EXP-6 GT. 'Fully loaded' this could easily become around AUD$230,000 (~GBP £127,500) This price point places it in the territory of a good second hand Expedition Truck! Its has a smaller but (perhaps less attractive) mate, the EXP-4, that starts at about AUD $67,900 (~GBP £37745).

Notes to reader:

1. The above trailer has not been physically towed or sighted by Tip Toe. The above summary is a view formed following desktop online research of websites and a number of different YouTube videos. The comments take into consideration Tip Toe's overland requirements. It will be used to assist in the choice of vehicle and camper.

2. For the purposes of these articles, I differentiate between the different types of trailer as follows:

Camper Trailer: A trailer fitted with an integrated 'trailer top tent' (with or without a hard shell), galley, water, power and associated items and storage for most or all of your clothing and equipment. For example Patriot Campers X3.

Off-Road Camper: A purpose built caravan style trailer with hard walls possibly with a soft walled 'pop up', galley, water, power and associated camping items and storage for most clothing and equipment. This 'Bruder EXP-6 Expedition Trailer' falls into this category.

Expedition Truck: A truck of 7500 kgs or greater fitted with a camper box with or without crawl through. For example the Mercedes Unimog.

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